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★★★★★ 353 reviews

Get easy and insightful analytics for Shopify. Learn your your strenghts and wekanesses. Track multiple  channels and  stores in one dashboard. 
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By allowing merchants to award points for 10+ pre-built "actions", encourage referrals, or boost email submissions, Swell helps companies reward what matters most to them. Signup for free then email to get 50% off for 3 months.

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★★★★★ 1821 reviews

The easiest way to add subscriptions to your Shopify store! Your customers will LOVE being able to pause, edit and manage their subscriptions too. Signup here and get the app free for 3 months.

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Recurring Orders
★★★★★ 564 reviews

Afterships tracks your shipments in one place and sends delivery updates to your customers. Create your own tracking page and drive your customers back to your store. Signup here and email to track your first 100 shipments for free.

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Delivery Tracking

★★★★★ 970 reviews

The easiest way to drive repeat purchases. Turn transactional emails into marketing opportunities with upsells, discounts, and follow-up emails after every purchase. Email to get 25% off the annual plan + strategy consultation.
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★★★★★ 162 reviews

Olark live chat for Shopify lets you answer your customers’ questions before they leave. Olark lets your chat agents see what’s in customers’ shopping carts so you can sell more. Signup here and get Olark's Lost Silver Plan 120 days free.
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Live Chat + CartSaver

★★★★★ 970 reviews

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Plug in SEO checks your shop for problems with SEO, speed and blogging. It's completely free to check, including fix instructions and a fortnightly alert email. Signup for free then email to get 10% discount on any fix package.

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Plug in SEO
★★★★★ 1144 reviews

Sellbrite is a multichannel platform for managing what you sell and where you sell it. Merchants use Sellbrite to sync listings, inventory, and orders across their online channels. Signup here then email to get 10% off for your first 6 months!
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★★★★★ 43 reviews

We help online stores owners optimize mobile sales and conversions, customer loyalty and engagement by creating fully Native Android and iOS Apps automatically without code. Signup here, then email to get an additional 10% discount on annual plans.

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Mobile Apps

★★★★★ 53 reviews

Startup Compass Inc.
212 Clara St.
94107 San Francisco

Increase your average order size 20-30% by offering targeted upsells when customers click "Add to Cart" or "Checkout". Email (with your .myshopify url) to get it free for 3 months.

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Product Upsell
★★★★★ 970 reviews

Sufio is an invoicing app that saves your time by automatically creating and sending invoices for every order. Compliant with legislation in over 50 countries worldwide. Signup here and get 3 months for free + a free consultation on taxes.

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International Invoices

★★★★★ 970 reviews

Engage your loyal customers and attract new ones with a loyalty program that lets customers earn and redeem points. S Loyalty rewards your loyal customers and helps you make them smile. Sign up and get your first 90 days free with coupon code APPBUNDLE2017

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S Loyalty
★★★★★ 464 reviews

OptiMonk provides Shopify stores with on-site retargeting – a powerful tool for (re)engaging their visitors. It allows you to recover up to 15% of lost visitors and convert them into sales and leads. Sign up for any package & email to get two extra months for free.

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★★★★★ 35 reviews

Put your Shopify email marketing on autopilot with SmartrMail. Generate more sales with automated product recommendation emails, abandoned cart emails, quicker email newsletters, and more. Free 15-Day Trial + Get 30% off your first 6 months with code: APPBUNDLE-2017


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★★★★★ 65 reviews

Start implementing a profit-oriented email marketing with Soundest. This tool covers professional-looking email campaigns, automated Welcome and Abandoned Cart emails, comprehensive sales reports and signup forms. Take advantage of free 14-days trial and three months with 40% discount. Use code: SHOPIFYAPPBUNDLE2017 (only for new customers).
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E-Mail Marketing

★★★★★ 858 reviews

Save your time and money by getting tons of amazing tools you need for your business growth from one place: social login, wishlists, reviews, sharing, community, personalized emails, offers, and more. Sign up and get your first 90 days free

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Social Media

★★★★★ 303 reviews

Create stunning Instagram galleries, tag products, embed galleries into your Shopify store and let visitors buy liked items directly from photos. Sign up and get your first 90 days free

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Social Media

★★★★★ 55 reviews

Boost Sales
★★★★★ 170 reviews

Up-sell and cross-sell to recommend higher-valued items or product bundles to customers. Boost your sales by applying game design techniques, smart recommendations and personalized targeting. Try Boost Sales app for 15 days free and enjoy 10% off any plans with coupon code APPBUNDLE2017.

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Leverage social shares to prevent cart abandonment, boost social traffic and increase checkout rate. Countdown timer offers help to boost conversions by 30%+. Try Checkout Boost app for 15 days free and enjoy 10% off any plans with coupon code APPBUNDLE2017.

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Checkout Boost
★★★★★ 111 reviews

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